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skippo Yves Jocham


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Skippo, an intrnational Cologne-based DJ, is renowned for his techno energy and house vibes.

His journey began in 2016 at the after-hour event "Green Komm," where his debut set led to a residency with the "Lion-Family." Since then, Skippo's uplifting techno and house beats have resonated at major LGBTQ+ events across Europe. Notable appearances include La Demence in Brussels (2018), LessDramaMoreTechno in Paris (2018), and Berlin's Revolver Party (since 2020). Describing his style as "hard-driven meets happy motivating" Skippo believes a great set requires more than mixing skills; it involves reading the environment, the crowd, and the DJs around him. His mission? To make you smile!

His adventure takes him far. Skippo played for example in Mexico City (Maninfest) or in Las Vegas (Hustlaball).

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